Jan. 3rd, 2008

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I understand why there's a 6mp limit on the photos you submit, but COME ON. 85-90% of my photos were taken with a 5mp camera. You fuckers. And now they have a Noir catagory. WHICH IS PERFECT FOR ME. And I can only submit the very recent shots I took...not the tons of photos I have from before that fit the bill. I realize they're trying to weed out crap (and yet there's still a shit ton of people who don't understand what "noir" means), but you can print a 5mp image...it's ok.

That said, here is what I submitted.

I'm not entirely sure that's the one I should have chosen. Like I said, my selective abilities are dulled. So if you're a member, let me know if there's a stronger one. Or if you look at my Flickr page, look in the "nude" section and tell me if any of the male photos are better suited.


Also, I lost an engagement photo job this week because I don't have a studio.

I think it's time I intern or assist a "real" photographer.
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Maybe I am taking it personally, but this kind of pisses me off.
JPG Mag.com took down one of my photos because there was a hint of dick in it. Yes, a hint. It wasn't pornography, it wasn't "lewwwd", it wasn't distasteful. So, I get their standard form letter and blah blah "no genitalia". Yes, but shitty self-portraits of some chick's boobs are okay. Whatever.

Then I see someone's entry for this "Noir" theme and it's a photo of someone else's graffiti work. Okay, that crap pisses me off. If you're going to be a photographer, don't go around taking pictures of other people's art and passing it off as a photo. Unless you're bringing something new to the table, get back into kitchen (and make me a pot pie, of course). So, I was going to comment on this person's photo, somewhat nicely, but bluntly, and say "Hey, nice shot. But that's not yours" (since a few others raved about what a great photo it was). But then I see there are "comment guidelines". Apparently we're all supposed to be nice and coddling and say, "Aww gee, that's swell. Please try again with more shitty photographs" rather than giving someone some honest fucking feedback that they may be sorely lacking (myself included). How is this going to make better artists out of anyone and is JPG even a place for artists? Maybe it's been a namby-pamby design magazine all along.

ALSO, what is up with people saying "great capture" instead of "great photo" or "great shot"? WHY MUST YOU ACT LIKE DICKS? DICKS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN ART.

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