May. 13th, 2008

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An F.
A fucking F in LIFE DRAWING class.

You dick. I know this was personal. I know this was meant to "send a message". With my attendance, I would have even understood a D, but an F, and F is just "Fuck you, Jill". I busted my ass to finish an oil painting for our last assignment, to prove I wasn't a slacker. And this is what I get? I dropped my English class, thus dropping my minor, thus negating ANY REASON for me being here this semester other than to fork over money to this fucking school and THIS is how we end it, the lowest grade I have ever received...for LIFE DRAWING. You dick. You function in an environment of creativity and expression and hover around us like a vulture with your incomprehensible wants. If attendance was such a big issue, then maybe you should have said something halfway through the class when EVERYONE was skipping out. I'd BETTER not be the only F in that class. But how will I know? I won't. And I'm 75% sure you're a big part of why I didn't get any money this year for the scholarship show.

Which is another thing. When you walk in that room after being nominated, they tell you you're probably going to get money. Past two years I've received money. This year, nothing. Two of the four professors are not my good buddies, to say the least. And I'm sure that had something to do with it.

Wow, this is NOT how I fucking wanted to end this semester. This is not how I wanted to waste some money. And now, no minor to show for it, no money, and an F. This is most likely how it will go...A, A, B, F. Dick. I'm 30 years old. I don't need your fucking "lesson".

Ugh. Whatever. After Thursday, I'm done.

p.s. don't get me wrong, there were other good things that happened this semester, like my A in Fiction II and the compliments I received from the Professor. But as far as my degree goes, as far as ART goes, I'm just tired of getting kicked in the jimmies right when I'm about to graduate. I just saw that grade posted and had to vent. No one does F's for drawing.

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