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I've moved to a very busy, music-heavy part of New Orleans (Frenchman & Chartres) and I now pay twice as much rent. But, the reasoning is that I have my own room/bathroom (sharing a house with three guys) and you only live once, right. I mean, you can step out on the porch and hear blues, jazz, bluegrass, rock, African drumming, you name it. And today, I tried getting used to this new area (previously I was in Mid-City) and it's difficult. Maybe I DO need a buffer, a little distance from the distractions. New Orleans already distracts me enough. I've never seen a city get in its own way so much before. But, it's an amazing place and I'll just have to acquire more focus and concentration.

And today it felt tense in the city. I saw more Obama posters, heard more heated conversations than previously.
I dread what will happen if Obama doesn't win...for many reasons.

Last night I helped out at KK Projects and that's a whole other story.
But, I got to meet Mel Chin (Uma Thurman was there too, but being an art nerd, I was way more excited about Chin). I introduced myself and he was very, very nice and approachable. I told him I was part of a group in KS doing his Fundred project and he knew it was Lawrence. He got my name (full name) and then sent over someone who's helping him with it so we could talk. I think I might be getting involved with the project down here. I hope.

At any rate, I'm on my second High Life and I think it might be time for dinner, yo.

Also, boys are still fucking stupid and I'm really tired of working on THEIR schedules.
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