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My life is very strange.
I work for a music-based non-profit in New Orleans, and I'm discovering I may have accidentally moved here. The term "Webmaster" has been used to refer to my position. Which, right now only includes some kind of go-between for merch, office tasks, photography, uploading and writing item descriptions. I have no real title....yet. I drive a 1995 Range Rover on loan from work and it makes me feel like Sarah Palin or an asshole. Is there a difference? At least gas is cheaper now, I guess.

Half the city is still devastated and there are constant and insistent reminders. Even before the flood, NOLA wasn't exactly the beacon of functionability (word? don't care). It's taking me awhile to adjust to this slow-pace, this lucky-if-you-can-get-3-things-done-in-a-day attitude, but it's coming.

I work odd jobs serving wine and beer, soon working once a week in a gallery on Royal and possibly bartending. Last week I served champagne and beer to well-off white people at a home/kids/women's apparel store in Lakeview. Lakeview was very much affected by Katrina and this was their 2-year "We're Back" anniversary.

Last week I gave a couple hours to City Park clean-up and this weekend I'll hopefully be introducing Fundred to a bunch of local kids @ RUBARB in the 9th Ward as well as intermittently helping out with the NOLA Bookfair. Which, incidentally, will be taking place JUST OUTSIDE MY DOOR.

Speaking of my door. I live in a big house on the corner of Frenchman and Chartres with three guys. If you're not familiar, this is a big, big music area of town with jazz, blues, rock, you name it. Right now I can hear a trumpeter warming up. It's like this nightly. Really gets going at about 12:30am. But I've learned to tune it out and I love my little room and my own bathroom so much that I don't care about the disgusting kitchen or the noise or the higher rent. You only live once, right?
Besides, the November evening bike rides through the Quarter and the Marigny more than make up for it.

I haven't made "art" (and I suppose by that I mean painted) in a long time and I feel bad about that. There's really no way I'll get my project done by Dec. 5th, but I'm kind of going with the flow. There will be other contests and S. Louisiana isn't going anywhere. is. Glug, glug, glug.

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