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It's 3:30 am and I've crossed everything off my list except "write paper". I'll start that now, giving myself 3 hours to finish and get 5 hours sleep, then class, then clean-up crew for the scholarship show, then install...then pass out. Pretty much everything I meant to finish is finished (for this anyway). One painting got the boot and the other got a quick fix just for the show. The NOLA pics came out really well and I'm putting two in. Though it was hard deciding which two. Total, 3 paintings, 3 1/2 sculptures, 5 photos (some of this is combined into mini-installations). Pics next week.

Not that next week will be any better. I've foolishly decided to do Art In The Park. Which means I have to work my happy ass off again in order to print, mat, package and somehow find the money and transportation to get this all accomplished. All while finishing schoolwork, which I'm behind in.

Even Finals Week sounds more relaxing at this point.

(met with Fine Arts office today. I'm closer to graduating than I even thought. But I'm still going to stay another semester. I'll just take a light load next May.)

This is all very interesting to every damn one of you. Don't even pretend.

And it's finally happened, soda makes me feel gross.

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