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Trying to get things done on the computer, since I've found it repellent the past few weeks. Might as well get caught up.

My show opens this Friday and I'm discovering that I need deadlines and YES I can self-impose them. I finally finished this...

That photo was taken during installation and from my short height looking up. So, yeah, studio shots soon and the full length is here. Another detail.

I finished that, after it sitting in my studio for almost 8 months, in about 10 hours. When will I learn.

Rode my bike downtown to drop off flyers, read at The Pig for a bit, and went to the Arts Center where I mistakenly thought it was Tuesday. So, yeah, meeting is tomorrow.

Been commissioned by the Spencer Museum to do some China prints to give to their donors/volunteers as gifts. It's less than I should be paid, but more than I can say no to. So, yeah, a girl has to work her way up. I'm getting there.

Been reading a lot for Directed Readings. I highly recommend, King Leopold's Ghost by Adam Hochschild and Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracey Kidder. Both phenomenal.

Still applying to grad schools, but I can't stop thinking about going back to China and how I should get this done. I could move some things around and study abroad for my last semester, but I'm not sure how that would benefit my degree. It wouldn't really. It would just be experience and do I need to pay $8000 for experience. Maybe grad school in Xi'an or Beijing? Guangzhou has a nice art museum, not sure about the school. Should talk to Pok-Chi. The Chinese equivalent of "starving artists" are far better painters than I. And what the hell am I anyway, a photographer or a painter. I couldn't teach Photo I for the life of me. I have no technical capacity. But I could teach Painting here. I don't know. Hence the "Expanded Media".

I'm on that birth control Yaz now, hoping that my cyclical depression is what is referred to as PPMD? Basically extreme PMS. Since it seems to fall on the 20th every month, this seems logical. Now, if that shit weren't $40 a month...ah yes, but people have much worse prescription bills.

I'm hungry and have now missed my favorite time of day because I've been sitting in front of this glowing box. Chicken, broccoli, and half a potato are in order.

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