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Newsflash, I know.

But it's enough of a truth to make me post at midnight when I'm dead tired, mid-way through making cookies for tomorrow, and have to be up in 6 and a half hours.

A couple months ago, I put a few items up on eBay. A gentleman won these items. These items were shipped to the wrong address due to PayPal having the wrong address. Not my fault and this gentleman was completely nice about everything. None of this is sarcasm by the way, he's not the asshole of the story. So, he doesn't even want the money back. We all know that it was unlikely I would get this package back, since it went to the wrong address in NYC and by god, they're sinners and criminals.

Low and behold, last week I got the package back. So I excitedly emailed the guy back, he said it made his week and sent me $20 through PayPal to cover the shipping and, being a nice guy, something for my trouble.

Tonight, I go to open the package, which came back a little banged up, with those plastic bands around it for security (which I only assumed the USPS did). I unwrap the brown paper the HARLEY QUINN and JOKER FUCKING PLUSHES were wrapped in, and THEY'RE NOT THERE.

So not only did some ASSHOLE take them (of all the fucking things to steal), but they repackaged the fucking thing and SENT IT BACK TO ME. Why, just WHY, would you slap a stranger in the face like that.

And that, my friends, is this month's W-T-F.

p.s. my new favorite insult is "eat a tiny penis". I say it often while driving....especially in Overland Park.

p.p.s. I WILL get caught up on internet stuff someday. Really, this rant and sending the money back to the guy is the only reason I even turned the damned thing on.

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