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So, it's entirely possible that I could not have a job after tonight. I just don't make enough money for the non-profit. Weird, huh. I understand they have to bring in more than they're paying me, and even though it's close, I think I do that. Plus, there's only a week left and I'd really like to finish it out. Weh. What can I do except try my best today.

Rode the bike to work (Mid-City to Uptown) yesterday and it was pretty damn easy. I'm diggin' this flat city bike-riding. My ass, however, is not. I'm reluctant to buy a bike seat that costs more than I paid for the bike, but I may have to if I don't want to walk around like I've just been freshly fucked.

Feel weird today. Off. I don't like having time before I go to work, like to get up, get ready, and go...maybe spend an hour at the coffee shop close to work. But any more time than that and I started getting antsy, like I'm going to be late, have to constantly watch the clock, only do things I can get done in the allotted time. Also, fuck this getting off work at 10/10:30. Again, weh.

Jesus I'm boring today.

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