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Journal, you live.

I am sitting here in my Shanghai market robe, whiskey and water, fresh from the shower, waiting. For the show to start, for my inconvenient affliction to subside (one of the gut, not the head). Why not write. Hello words. How've ya been?

I went to NOMA today, to see the Disney exhibit. It was quite nice, except for the Princess & The Frog pieces. The rest of the exhibit was made up of original work, many of it pieces that could stand alone as art, not animation fodder (not that I'm knocking animation, mind you). But all of the Princess & The Frog pieces were "digital print on paper". I suppose this might be due to the fact that Disney has to market the shit out of everything these days and perhaps they were still using the original work for a book or something. Still, for someone who likes to get really close, look at how things were made, this was disappointing. There is nothing human or meaty in a pixelated line. So it goes.

The rest of the museum was average to slightly above. Their collection of Cornell boxes was quite good, the rest was to be expected. Even the Kollwitz exhibit was fair to middling. Still, I could spend another hour or two or three roaming. I didn't even get to see the photography. They do have a rather top-notch sculpture garden, but it is closed to restoration.

And I hate those assholes who point outside and say, "now, there's the real art", but it may be true for New Orleans. My love for City Park knows no bounds. My love for NOLA, exponentially similar. I have been adopted.
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Sooo, I bit the pavement yesterday right in front of the streetcar. Nevermind that it's embarrassing, but it fucking hurt. I simply misjudged the angle of my bike tires crossing the tracks at Lee Circle. The trolley driver yelled, asking if I was ok. I said yes and sheepishly wheeled my bike to the other side. My head didn't hit the pavement, but it jerked so hard that now I feel like I have whiplash, and I definitely have a large road rash on my forearm. It matches the other arm now (only more severe), since the other night, as I was watching The Science of Sleep in bed a roach crawled over my shoulder. I freaked out, thinking it was a spider, jumped up and promptly stumbled into the table.

So, yeah, I'm kind of amazed at how sore I am today. My neck, shoulders from hitting the ground and my legs and ass from biking so damn much.

Still, it's good to be here. One bike ride through the Quarter at sunset to meet a friend for beers at Molly's is enough to remind me of that.
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2nd NOLA blog up at

Also, check your local PBS listings for "Right To Return".

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