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OkCupid, 1st email:

"Hi , my name is Jesse. I did read your profile and I do hope this letter does not bore to you or even make me look like an asshole. I looked in the mirror but I don't really know what one looks like so I didn't see what you're talking about. =P I didn't quite understand something, you said something about being around for 3 months because you had a calling, was that meaning 3 months here in New Orleans, or that's until you find out the reason for your calling? And curiously, what have you found that calling to be, that is if you've figured it out yet? That just gave me grounds for short potry. Maybe it was my heart crying out free falling tears down towards a dry hard surface evaporating them into transparent vapors of hopless dreams before even the slightest of touch from the earth! That was good, I'm gonna have to write that one down! That was deep. I like potry and I was giving you a sample of some free style. It's my art, and I assume, it's like your paintings to you. I can draw too but I've never tried to paint. I'm good with pencil, charcoal, and even pens. I do think you're interesting and even though we are a few years apart, age is but a number sometimes. I am over 25 though. I guess that gives me some brownie points. Everyone is a bit immature sometimes but I don't over do it. I do have ambitions or goals but as of now they are starting to become a living dream. I am a new actor and an agency called Hale Talent has just signed me! I'm so excited. I was a featured extra in a movie with Jim Carrey and Ewin McGreggor called, "We Love You Phillip Morris," and they play two guys in a gay relationship! I really like Jim Carrey but other than this movie being serious, he has done something he's never done. He's done some other serious roles in the past but mostly comedies, but in this one, him and Ewin McGreggor have a pretty explecit sex scene. I am not bothered by gay relationships but I just never saw Jim Carrey doing a part like that. I was also in a movie called "Midnight Bayou" that was originally a book written by Anne Rice. I was just a regular extra in a few background scenes and it's showing on Lifetime around next August. I am in the process of filming a movie with Brittney Murphey and Jason Taylor also airing on Lifetime. Matter of fact my last day shooting is Thursday. It's in a house off of Prytania in New Orleans. It's about 2 guys who one's parents kill the other guys mother while they were children. The two guys grow up best friends and either not knowing one's parents killed the other one's mother. The murdered woman is Brittney Murphey's grandmother in the movie and I'm a friend of the two guys. I'm in 6 scenes so far. I just realized that this is a really long first letter and I'm gong to let you go before I either bore you or you think I'm weird. I just like to talk and always have something to talk about. Well take care sweety and I hope I didn't take up any other better needed time. I hope to hear from you soon.

Like potry that was.

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