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I'm doing this

Someday, I want to do this.

Amazing shots there, by the way. Please click through all of them. If not all, I'm especially taken with Robert Stolarik and Mario Tama. I still can't take it all in, cannot possibly fathom it, still cannot believe it happened...and I wasn't even there. Maybe I like to wallow in disbelief and horror, maybe America likes to forget and be entertained.

I wish I had more time to work with all the things I'm learning. Trying to put together a rather intense show in a month, grad portfolio review coming in 2 weeks, and I'm one of 4 people on the Senior Show committee for next year. This and the general craziness of school, work, and grad school apps coming up. Oh the trials, the tribulations.
This, and I'm rather fond of internet Scrabble.
I have also dropped my Sculpture II class, which makes me sad, but was a good decision. Now, if I had only figured that out before the deadline for refunds...

I'll put the (Aaron Douglas Mural Project)mural photos up soon. I'm going to miss that. It was fun meeting new people, feeling like a part of a community, being able to paint on a really frickin' big canvas. The unveiling and conference went well though.

The install for the Mulvane show went well, even though Topeka is devoid of culture and has to taint everything with money and fame, if anyone needs to see those photos (Made In China) it's them. Topeka is to L.A. what New York is to Lawrence. It's all about broad statements about massive cities and their collective priorities, my friend. Yeehaw.

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