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Feeling shitty, so a list I will make...

I may be able to have my graduation party at the Natural History Museum. Which, if you're in Lawrence, you know is awesome.

But after that, before that, all-fucking around me, is the question....what then?
So yes, Jill, what then? Having been comfortable with the idea of grad school immediately after graduating with my B.S. BFA, and now having decided I'm going to wait, I'm left with the fucking options. Oh, the fucking options.

1. stay here, which isn't as bad as I thought it was a year ago. But there's still that nagging, I-don't-want-to-get-stuck-in-KS feeling.
2. buy a house and live here for part of the year, the rest in NOLA. could rent out the house for six months of the year and have this monthly rent check I've been paying actually go toward an investment.
3. move. who the fuck knows where. Boston? NOLA? my parents would love this.
4. teach English in China. The only problem with this is that I'm not quite sure how teaching people English helps anything except capitalism and giving me experience.
5. get knocked up by a die-hard Kansas conservative and star in a hilarious real-life, mad-cap pregnancy adventure.
6. move back to L.A. where I'm pretty sure I could get a good job. but not only does this sound only slightly better than #5, it's a bit like trying to re-create that special vacation or time in your life. Can't be done. L.A. was a time and a place thing. Integral to my growing up, but you can't really go back.
7. become a raging literary and artistic success immediately after graduating, letting the attention go to my head and alienating all those around me.

Decisions, decisions.

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