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What with working now and financial aid, I think it's time to upgrade my computer, especially since there's no way it's going to handle RAW files without crashing and/or taking 3478392 years to process one photo.

SO, Mac vs. PC. Let the battle begin (for me at least). Must be in laptop/notebook form.

PC's are cheaper, Macs are more "design oriented". PCs are more buggy, Macs are...well, not. I'm comfortable with PCs and am reluctant to drop 2 grand on the image that Apple projects of being the "cool" and more "artistic" of the two. However, if my schooling is to be trusted, then I'll have to get used to it as the "industry standard". Yes, I'm feeling quote happy.

So...refurbished MacBook Pro (17" monitor) for around $1600, plus student discount on Aperture or Photoshop, and possibly Illustrator. p.s. has anyone used Aperture yet and if so, is it really as great as I hear? And do you think an older MacBook will be sufficient. I have an external HD that holds 250GB, so I don't think that's a problem. Plus, the refurbished unit I'm looking at has 120GB. Oh hell, it's this one

OR, actually...the more I'm looking, $1600 for a MacBook is pretty reasonable. Any other ideas?

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