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There is a market out there for camera bags that don't look like camera bags, can function, hold what they need to hold, and protect from the elements. Gentlemen (and women), start your businesses.

Seriously, I never thought it would be this hard to find a damn bag. The usual brands are out, since I ordered a Tamrac and it fit like a cardboard box. Lowepro just looks clunky and screams "expensive stuff inside! take me!" I'm liking Domke for that old-school look, but feel I could get the same with an army surplus bag and a Domke insert (which is what I might do).

Then there's Crumpler with their handbaggy-looking deals. I like them, even though their website begs me to hate them. STOP IT WITH THE KOOKY HIPSTER LINE DRAWING FLASH CRAP ALREADY. I'm torn between the 5 Million Dollar home and the 6....

Then there's Timbuk2. I've tried one on, it's nice. They're expensive but durable. One of my classmates used one in China and I always admired it.

I don't need to carry a lot, just one body (with lens), additional lens, and possibly a flash later on (as well as filters, cards, etc).

What I really wanted was this one but it's not available right now, due to redesign. I don't know. I should probably just wait.

Right now, I have about 16 items being watched on eBay and it's hard not to just buy one. I'm watching a Crumpler, some Army bags (which requires me to build inserts), a couple Timbuk2s and a Domke (heheh, donkey. I'ma buy me a donkey! Carry ma stuff.)

Any pho-togs out there with recommendations? Warnings?

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