Jan. 1st, 2002

blustocking: (tiemeuptiemedown)
We return from behind the Orange Curtain, our doughnuts un-glazed...some more than others. ;)

Had a good New Year's. Got just what I wanted too. Got to make out with a cute boy and not have the guilt and ill-feelings of meaningless, drunken sex. Make out, that's all I wanted, and that's what I got...finally. :D It was fun...he lifted me up when we were making out and I was pinned against a wall for awhile. That's neat.

Jen-Loco, al, and myself had a splendid time...even though I am now the proud owner of a punctured tire and busted hubcap. heheh. :}

Jen-Loco gave us cool piratey gifts. I have a cool eyepatch now and some neat-o stickers and candy. al is deathly afraid of cats. Cats. I know. S'weird.

Twas a good New Years. *flips off 2001 and readies finger for 2002* XD

I hope you all had a safe and fun New Year's. I hope 2002 treats you all to much happiness and prosperity...you all deserve it. My only resolution is to break more dishes.

I love me some al and Loco. Yep. APE is going to be fun damnit.

And because I LOVE that freakin' movie:

Take the Which Empire Records Character are You? Quiz.

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