Jan. 12th, 2002

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I hate this.

I hate having no money. I hate this neverending stress which causes nausea to wash over me in waves. It was never this bad. Okay...I lied, it was....but I was living alone, I was happier being poor. This, is unbearable.

Yes, I'm a whiny cunt. Yes, there are many people out there who have it worse than me...but I don't have the luxury of being in their skin. I thought this was over. I thought it was just a bad patch, but the patch keeps getting bigger and frankly, it's pissing me off. Every day seems to be a new low.

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A tire that was supposed to cost $100, is now going to cost a little over $300...my car payment money. Sweet. I can do nothing but laugh maniacally and lapse into bouts of cry-laugh. I am no longer shocked. YOU HEAR ME 2002?! I AM NOT SHOCKED ANYMORE! YOU CAN STOP TAKING A DOO-DOO IN MY SHOES NOW!

On a semi-plus note. I talked to Staci last night. I told her that I lost $250 on that fridge, so that's $125 she owes me. (she asked me if I was going to pay some on it this month...HA! As if I CAN.) She actually seemed okay with it as one of us would have to buy the other one out when we move. She said she can just pay for it if I want, but I said, no, no, I'll help out, it's not fair. So, I guess I have the option of just giving her the money I owe when I can, or not at all, I don't know. I'm a nice person, so I'll probably give her the money when I can. We'll see...I almost asked for the $20 I had already paid on it if she's just going to keep it outright. But I figure I can lose $20 heheh....not really, but in the big scheme of things, it's not a big deal. I wanted to say, "YEAH! What about all those stamps I buy to pay OUR bills with?! Buy me some stamps BITCH!" But I refrained. :) We actually talked a bit and it was good. I even told her I was thinking about bringing the T.V. in my room, so as to prep her for when I actually do it. I have to re-arrange and call the cable company...ah, yes, the cable company...that's the other thing. The check that I thought was going to be re-submitted, WAS re-submitted...a day before my paycheck went through. I think I've already bitched about this though...didn't I? Ah well, fuck you...it's my journal. Now I have to call them and figure out what I'm going to do about paying it.

I'm going to go put more porn up on Ebay. Porn will save me...it will. Then you'll see. You'll ALL see.

I might have money for APE....maybe. We need to start planning. We need to get a hotel room. Fuck...school. I have to get on the ball here...dammit.

I like elipses.

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