Apr. 30th, 2002

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I'm going to end up a lonely old woman with 50 cats.
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stop. just stop.
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Someone I don't know made this for me from my photos on Webshots.

It is very cool and I like it bunches.
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PacBell wouldn't credit the $60 charge back, so I cancelled their shite "service". It felt goooood.
Local: MCI @ 25.99 a month (unlimited local calls, flat 7 cent a minute long distance, flat 5 cent a minute regional, call waiting, caller ID, speed dial, and 3-way...and I get to keep the same phone number.) SUCK it, PacBell.
Internet:Adelphia Cable, $19.95 for the first 6 months and free installation...compared to PacBell DSL's $49.95. EAT IT, FUCKOS!

I need a fucking drink and I have a headache.

I took a long walk for lunch (got some nice Apple Cherry Pomegranate juice at the farmer's market) and now my thighs are twitching.

p.s. If you are planning on seeing me tonight, do not be worried. I will be in an okay mood.
:} But at midnight, I turn into a surly pumpkin, so watch out.
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Number of Starbucks in New York City that are within 2 blocks of each other: 68.

I would hate to see the numbers on Los Angeles.


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