Jan. 7th, 2002

"Hate" Mail

Jan. 7th, 2002 03:08 am
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boddah! Kat! Bunnymaster!

Lookie...I got one too!

(yeah, haven't checked my mail in awhile.)

I like my card. It's spiffy. XD
And this person knows I like Eddie Izzard....odd.
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I wish Livejournal could be more fucked up. That would be neat.

I wish I wasn't such a schmuck. That would be nifty.

Never have I felt like a bigger mooch than I do right now. I don't know what it is, but I can't seem to pull it together. I hate it. IhateitIhateitIhateit. I can't stand things not being fair and I'm almost positive that I owe Sara money.

To top it off, I was supposed to buy tickets for Wednesday's showing of "Amèlie" at the Egyptian (the one with the discussion with Jean-Pierre Jeunet) for myself and 2 other people, both of which already gave me money...which I had to spend, thinking I was getting money from selling the computer to Brendan on Saturday. What with the problems of transferring my files from old box to new box, I haven't given the computer to Brendan, hence...no money. I just hate not following through on something that I said I would. I guess I am responsible after all, or was...or desperately want to be again. I can't keep doing this. I feel off, not only because of money troubles...just off.

I need to get that 2nd job. I don't care if school starts soon. I can't keep doing this every month.

Fuck. I just remembered I owe petty cash $50. Great.

Computer SHOULD be done tonight. I SHOULD be able to give it to Brendan tomorrow morning. I SHOULD have money then for paying back people, a new tire, tickets for 3 people, and my $100 deductible. Fucking hell. That money is all but gone.

Plus, Emily is in town. I want to go out with her tonight. I'm going to have to use the $21 I have to do this. This town, I swear.

And I haven't followed up on my Greenpeace stuff AT ALL.

I also waited too damn long to get the service learning stuff together. Now I won't get credit for it. Not that it's necessary, just would have been nice.

I have to apply for financial aid, see a counselor, and fucking ENROLL...which I should have done long ago.

Seems as though 2002 has fooled us all.
I blame the palindrome.

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