Feb. 27th, 2002

blustocking: (sucks to be you)
One shouldn't expect too much of the Grammy ceremony, that's a given. All the same, I'd like to sue the American Recording Academy for those 3 hours of my life, lost.

What a steaming pile of dog shit.

There was nothing on, so I started watching the Grammy telecast while making dinner and doing my laundry, fully intending to not finish watching. But once I became sucked in, by the sucking that it did so well, I had to see it through, if only in the hope of redemption. All I have to say is, the shite being spoonfed and gobbled up by mainstream, middle America, is utter crap. Not that I don't adore and respect U2, but how many nominations and awards do they need...the same for Alicia Keyes. Coldplay and Linkin Park got one nod, and that's about as "alternative" as the show got. Nevermind the fact that I had to sit through a fucking ridiculous, self-important lecture by the president of the Recording Academy. And guess what that lecture was about? That's right, "music piracy". That pompous fuck spoke for all of 10 minutes about how utterly wrong and horrible it is to download songs off of the internet, even going so far as to call it a matter of LIFE AND DEATH. Yeah, well listen here cocksucker, I've bought MORE cd's since the advent of "music piracy" than I did before. Not only that, but it's the best marketing tool a band could hope for. So blast ye landlubber, pass the MP3's, and fucking walk the plank you arrogant, ignorant twit.

How appropriate that a complete waste of time, money, and energy be concluded by a a gospel montage, introduced as, "music that leads the way." The way to what? Your pocketbook? I kept expecting an old guy in a white suit to come out and ask for donations.

I also don't know why ANY music-related event is held at the Staples Center as the acoustics suck. And if I fucking hear that shit Train song with the worst lyric ever, "the best soy latte you've ever had", I'm going to kill some scruffy alternatwat wannabes. Eat shit and die and thank [fill in deity] for the internet.

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