Apr. 3rd, 2002

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Since I will be up for quite a few more hours. I have half-assedly started my homework. I am going through all of my writing, most of it from high school, as that's, unfortunately, where the bulk of it lies...for now. And I came across a story I wrote when I was 17, which is also my excuse for how poorly written it is. (slight grammar corrections made)

Enjoy... )
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My Mom is nuts. N-U-T-S...but I love her. :) Today I received 5 boxes on my doorstep. I remember her telling me about this program she signed up for where you can send free food to people. I'm not sure how or why, perhaps it's a trial thing. At any rate, when she told me, I was half listening because it smacked of when she goes on and on about stocks to me, so I was only half tuned in. Anyway, I now have more canned tuna, mixed fruit cups, applesauce cups, meal replacement bars, and serving-size boxes of cereal than any human should have at one time. Really, it's unreal. Loco, you want some food? :)

I read something in my writing workshop tonight. There was silence and very minimal discussion afterwards...I don't know how to take that. There were a couple compliments and the remarks on the papers I got back were good, but no discussion. I can't stand that. I'd almost rather be ripped to shreds. SOMEONE FUCKING ARGUE WITH ME!

Not to mention no one really commented on my shitty short story in my previous post.
Will someone please tell me it was crap so that I can move on?

In other news, I can't set up the network/router to save my life. Everything should be working, everything is set up correctly, tech support can't find the problem...so I'm going to blame XP...or perhaps PacBell...yessssss, PacBell.

I think I'll go read.

AAAAAAAAAARRRRGH, my left eye won't stop twitching...and I made a BITCHLOAD of spaghetti. Yes, a bitchload...that's a lot.

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