Apr. 7th, 2002

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Instead of staying home on a Saturday evening to write (or more likely, get distracted by the intrOnet and teevee) I opted to go out, by myself, to a club and meet some kickass LJ people.

They were indeed, kickass. ^.^

I even had the token Really Creepy, Intimidating Guy hit on me. Sweet. No evening is complete without one. I was standing outside of the bathroom waiting for someone and this guy comes up and proceeds to try and stand over me, but he was too damn short (which was amusing as I am 5'3") He then says "Are you going home with him?" I said, "uh...yeah", just to get him to go away. Then he says, "Why, because I was too shy to come up to you before?" I lied and said, "No, I came with him." Then he proceeded to call me a liar because he saw me arrive alone. Oooookay, stalker, that'll win me over. Call me a liar one more time baby, ooOoooOogod yes. Luckily the person I was waiting for showed up just then and Really Creepy, Intimidating Guy was NO MORE.

Otherwise, a fanTABulous evening and I hope to hang out with those cool cats very soon.
Woo-woo! XD<-----those aren''t initials, by the way. ;)
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