Apr. 24th, 2002

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Odd how a laid back evening with the right person can put you in a good mood. :D
And on the way home, KROQ actually played 4 good songs...IN A ROW! (the Hives, Bad Religion, NIN, and Jack Johnson) I didn't even care that I got a little lost. I turned it up very loud and sang so much that my throat hurts. Plus, it was a "singing day". (some days are writing days, some drawing, some singing, etc...) I need a road trip soon.

I'm smelling memories and it's very distracting.
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It's a good thing when you surprise yourself.
I'm not an idiot...who knew? ;)

I just got back from my writing workshop and we had a long discussion about a short (not-so-short at 3,000 words) story that someone in the class had written. The author is one of those true grit kinda guys, real life, very literal. This sort of put me off to him, and I primarily keep to myself in that class anyway. I'm friendly and people are friendly to me, but because I only comment once and awhile (yes, I'm still a little shy) they don't really get a sense of how to talk to me.
Well, tonight I couldn't help commenting, and I only did it once. By the time I got to speak, it was so built up that it all came out. The professor was a little stunned I think, because I rarely speak and I had everything I wanted to say planned out (this is why I wait until I speak, because right off the bat, I'm not very concise) Anyway, the point is, after class, not only did the professor compliment me on my "sophisticated" take on the story, but the author came up and thanked me for basically defending his character and story. I surprised myself because I defended a character that cheated 4 times in 24 hours on the person he supposedly loved. For once I saw it objectively and realized that these women were not innocent, no one is innocent. Given my past, I think that's a big fucking step. I just hope I haven't lost that anger and hurt, as I may still need it someday...to write about of course. Anyway, I felt so elated walking out of that class. I done good. And to top if off, it's overcast and cloudy outside. But not the usual SoCal, dull gray...it's slightly windy and GREEN. The tint of the sky makes the color of the trees and grass stand out so well. It's almost like the color before a rain back home. After talking to Dani last night...I miss it so. I can't wait to go home. Please rain, please storm, give me some kind of unbridled, chaotic nature.
The cat's trip to the vet only cost me $45...*phew*

The only thing bad about today is that I missed my Greenpeace meeting.

I don't even care that not many people commented on my story.
FUCK OFF! I'm gunna be a writer! ;)
Hopefully...among other things.

Now I'm going to perhaps take a walk and enjoy this brief sun-sabbatical.
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I ask you, how can you not love a show that has Iggy Pop as a cranky, suburbanite father?
You CAN'T! You must love it. I am so glad Noggin is running episodes of "The Adventures of Pete and Pete". I miss that show. :)

Watched Boiler Room tonight as well. It was much better than I expected. I love Giovanni Ribisi and Vin Diesel is just a fine hunk of man-meat. word.

Took a walk earlier.

And that was the superficial version of my day. Now I should do something productive.

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