May. 24th, 2002

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I have a love/hate relationship with the 405. Fridays at mid-day, approaching a 3-day weekend, we quarrel like cranky lovers. Thursday nights at 3 am, with the moon nearing full, we get along famously. Smooth sailing last night, such a chill in the air that it reminded me of my constant drives from Topeka to Lawrence, back to my dorm after staying with Ryan all weekend, singing at the top of my lungs. I even put in the same tape I used to listen to. Better Than Ezra, the Murmurs, Alice In Chains...

Now here at work after fighting with stop-and-go traffic the entire way, I am eating chicken soup for lunch, always the first meal of the day. Chicken soup should only be consumed when sick. I'm not sick, not physically anyway...though maybe I INDUCE sickness. haha. I'm being good and eating what little I have around me rather than spending money. In an hour or so, I will take a walk to the park and read. Tonight, I will have Baskin-Robbins for dinner, because being an adult is that cool.

Tonight I crash early. Tomorrow I do laundry...and maybe do a photoshoot? Not sure. Malibu.
Coffee, drive, ocean in the evening. I need to go to Santa Monica before I leave as well. My sister wants some shirts. Sunday, work. Monday, work and my boss' party at her food and drink, I love. Tuesday, fly home.

Ryan and I are both wearing our "got blood?" shirts today. We are like black-haired twins, slacking off in opposite cubicles.

I must actually work now, to alleviate the stress my multiple duties have instilled in me
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Okay, this is primarily for [ profile] rainstories, but I just found out that the creator of Sifl & Olly directed the new Tenacious D video! XD

I also found this!

You can watch the video on Tenacious D's site.


p.s. if any of you say, "oh, yeah, I knew that"....fuck off and I love you.

p.p.s. Sara, do you want me to bring you anything on Tuesday? Pocky? Smog in a bottle?

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