Jun. 19th, 2002

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Oooooooooo.....WHY does it hurt more today than any other day. It's hard to concentrate. And my cheeks are STILL fookin' puffy. *sob*
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I changed my journal. It makes me feel niiiice. :)
The background is a picture taken when I was back home, out of the window of the car as they were driving me to the airport.

It's supposed to be a fixed image...it doesn't appear to be working on Netscape, but works on IE...anyone know how to fix this?
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The all-important, horrible moment when you fall out of love. When walking to his apartment, I pick up on the weary clomp-clomp of my feet and begin chanting to their rhythm: "you love him. you love him. you love him." Hoping that it would make it so, knowing that it would make it easier. But the heart knows better...and it's never easy.
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And God created pain-killers and it was goooooooooooood.

As soon as I left the show, my mild pain turned to sharp, throbbing, spreading-through-head pain. The minute I got home, I took a Vicodin and now I feel drunk, dizzy, and sick to my stomach (nevermind....I just threw up). X_X
Fuck. Me+painkillers=bad.
Even my Body wants me to hurt. Bastard.

This sucks. I have so much to do/say, but I can't.


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