Jun. 23rd, 2002

Pride 2002

Jun. 23rd, 2002 03:04 pm
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Times heard crappy Kylie Minogue song: 5
Times heard any song from Moulin Rouge: 4
Number of units in tight packaging: too many to count.

But I got some great pictures, some sun(gasp!), and some cool vanilla lip balm from Smirnoff...so it's all good. And it is nice to see people coming together, if only for a couple days of drinking and easy sex.

All in all, the past 2 days with the gays have been fun. Went up past Malibu to take pics of Jason yesterday. Then back down to Cross Creek for some coffee and, oddly enough, pizza. We tried to go to the Palms last night, but it was TOOOOO packed and they had the nerve to try and charge $10 for a cover. We then went to the Normandie Room (another lesbeathean bar) and it was kinda poopy (I'm still not drinking) so we walked down and caught the last few songs of the night at a raging-homo club.
Then we all walked back to the boys' apartment, Dennis and I making loud noises, honks, turkey calls, and generally high-pitched sounds to embarrass Jason and Catty the entire way.

And now I am at werk.
I have way too many pictures to go through and I need, need, need to build a damn website.
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I'd just like to remind you of this absolute gem of late 80's/early 90's poetic genius.

Thank you and good night.

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