Jun. 30th, 2002

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Sick of it all.
Tired of waiting.
Had it with the stuggle.
Can't seem to get motivated.

I'm lonely. Simple, sad, pitiful. And the worst part about that is, I'm not ready for anyone. I know this, yet it does not help. I feel horrid. I feel disgusting. There's no way I'd feel good about sleeping with someone unless I was blitzed out of my mind, but who would feel good about that? I'm really charged right now. It's probably only because I haven't taken my birth control in 2 weeks and it's fucking with my moods/emotions. (I couldn't get an appointment until July 10th). Going off the b.c. always made me really...uh...needy. Try not to throw up thinking about that.

I had a beer the night of our customer service bowling thing and I felt sick afterwards. It still feels wrong. I feel guilty for even wanting to have a drink. My court date is in 9 days.

I woke up with a headache and it won't go away
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So I'm sitting here (at work, oh joyous day) trying to think of cool domain names for me webshite and I came across this.
I just thought it was so neat that I didn't even mind arrmatey.com being taken. :)

Also, check out my too-neglected message board. Post, damnit.
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Since I've met so many cool people through this here thang.....

Why not.

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