Jul. 14th, 2002


Jul. 14th, 2002 03:08 am
blustocking: (nielsen(cropped))
Why do I feel like I've lost some friends...some people I felt close to, some dear connection...color me crushed if this is the case. So. Much. To. Say. But I've already used my strength quota for the day.

I'm so tired.
If I did something to deserve being ignored. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.
But I can't handle this right now.

stop start stop start stopstartstopstartstopstart STOP.
I'll never make it through alone.
blustocking: (peesedoff)
Be genuine.
Think of the impact of your words.
Don't be so fucking careless...unthinking...self-absorbed.

No...it's not about you.
It's never about you....except

Would I let that happen? No. There are plenty of people waiting to ignore me.
Me? I'm fine. Fine and Dandy.
Fuck Livejournal, fuck social politics, fuck what you think.

Don't tell me you're my friend if you're not going to act like one.

Oh...and you. Glad you're living happily ever after. Thanks for not caring.

I'd love to be able to tell you the great FUN I've had the past few days, but who the fuck really cares and I don't feel like it. I do...but I don't.

Kat, I need your address again.
Loco and Zooley and everyone going to Con...there is a very good chance that I might not be able to go.

There are those of you reading this who I KNOW care. Those of you who(whom?) I love. I sincerely hope you know who you are

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