Jul. 31st, 2002

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I should not be getting up at 6am, I should be going to bed at 6am. Morning, you are the biggest bitch of them all.

I work both jobs today.
Here's hoping I don't kill.

And just in case you forgot....group blows.
Boys, work on developing your built-in Bullshit Detector.

p.s. Super-pissed and sad that I cannot go to Con. Well, not really that I'll miss Con, but more that I'll miss the people I would get to see. Fuck, now I have to change my mood icon. Damn me being "responsible". :( Have fun schmoos...get me some free stuff if you can. :}

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The lead singer of The Distillers sounds just like Courtney Love.

The chick I'm listening to now sounds just like Ani DiFranco.

The new CMJ disc is pretty damn sweet.

My browser's being a total bitch-whore.

Carry on...

I hate

Jul. 31st, 2002 12:17 pm
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I'm so fucking tired that I'm livid.


I want to punch things, kick people, and tell everyone to shut the fuck up.
The caffeine isn't working, saving Xenedrine for later.

I just want to sleep, that's all. Basic human function. And until I can, I'm going to be a raging snatch.

Last night, genius that I am, I decided to get off bus and walk home. I did this because MTA.net said I need to take 2 buses to get home, but the 2nd bus was PAST my apartment. After waiting 45 minutes for a bus, I just wanted to get home asap. This 2nd bus seemed stupid to me, so I got off on my street, only it was a few blocks up. Yeah...it was more than a few blocks(fucking Los Angeles "city" blocks), but still not far enough to merit getting back on the bus or calling someone to pick me up. So fuck it, I need to exercise...so I walked. By the time I got home I was in pain (shins) and pissed off. I desperately need a punching bag. I really, really do. Or to not be so stupid/stubborn...yeah, that'll happen.


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