Aug. 22nd, 2002

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I need discipline.
WHY am I still up...oh yeah, finished watching Hellraiser and made some effing icons. wee hoo. I rock to the nth degree.

p.s. people are stupid-ass motherfuckers. this will be proven, once again, very soon. *seethes*

p.p.s. haha, forgot why I wanted to post in the first place. Can someone tell me how to put borders around images, say, in Photoshop? Someone explained it to me, but I'm such a visual learner that I need to see it. Therefore, someone explain it again and I might get it this time.
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...I'm hoping it will rub off.

It's the Libra in me that needs balance and beauty. Therefore, I will sacrifice sleep just so I can have a pretty journal and some decent pictures.

Check out the new journal style (nothing too special, actually changed the font this time...I hope it's a fairly common one). Took pictures last night because it's been awhile and I wanted newer icons. Plus...I kinda like my hair undone and messy.

p.s. the background image is of the light fixtures here at work, taken in negative. I have so many of these possible background images, it's disgusting. ;) Now once I get borders put around my icons, we'll be set for another month or two.
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oohhhhhhhh....I am soooooo fucking cranky........*killkillkill*

"You have 2 new Personal messages"

Yeah, the crankiness will pass, then I'll just get stupid-giddy. Stay tuned. I get more entertaining as I get more tired.

p.s. I hate(not true)you all.
p.p.s. I forgot to mention that they keep trying to get me to join in on the Céilí dancing every time I go in for community service. Perhaps I will one of these days. heh.
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I forgot...I specifically brought these to work in order to post them.
I know I posted them already, but they were in black and white. I think I like them in color better, without so many filters, etc.

Is green, ya?

Is Mary, ya?

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I will beat you like Jesus.

p.s. haha! On a completely unrelated note: someone else defriended me. :D Too bad I'm always too lazy/apathetic to find out who these people are.

p.p.s. man, I'm full of teh p.s. today. ;) Nevermind about the image border thing. I'm a dumbass and just realized I'm sitting here at work, surrounded by designer-type people. NOW I KNOW! So watch out.


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