Oct. 9th, 2002

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New background, switched some colors...*shrugs*

Finished From The Dust Returned...starting Something Wicked This Way Comes as I never finished it. heh.

"Are we the mirror glimpses, unseen but there? Do we abide in walls as mortuary beetles telling time? Is the drafting breath upsucked in chimneys our terrible respiration? When clouds curdle the moon are we such clouds? When rainspouts speak from the gargoyles' mouths are we those tongueless sounds? Do we sleep by day and swarm-glide the splendid night? When autumn trees shower bullions are we that Midas stuff, a leaf-fall that sounds the air in crisp syllables? What, what, oh what are we? And who are you, and I, and all surrounding gasps of dead but undead cries? Ask not for whom the funeral bell tolls. It tolls for thee and me and all the ghostly terribles who nameless wander in a Marley death of chains. Do I speak the truth?"
--Ray Bradbury, From The Dust Returned

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I was looking for a specific image and decided to force great wildlife photography on you all.
Frans Lanting is cool, and not just because he did an entire book about penguins. Man I want that book.


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I love my knees.

(if you're thinking of making a lewd comment, I guarantee you, I've already thought about it. So shoosh.)


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