Nov. 30th, 2002

blustocking: (nielsenhold(crop))
Today, a co-worker at the bookstore said I should be a comedian. I've heard this before, but she was referring to my timing and delivery. :D I'm pretty jazzed about that. :}
I'm less enthused about another co-worker telling me I remind them of Rachel Leigh Cook in the movie Antitrust. I have not seen this movie, as it stars two actors I'm not fond of...Rachel Leigh Cook and Ryan Phillippe. But, looking at the picture...I guess she's kinda cute. *shrugs*

I can pull my jeans off without unbuttoning them. Not that I need to, but I'm pretty jazzed about that too.

When I was in high school and Staci and I were editors of the literary arts magazine, I used a pseudonym. It was "Saren Black". Saren Black is a font, or at least was, for the Video Toaster. My ex worked for NewTek when they were located in Topeka. He is now working overseas doing animation. He tried to get me to give him a pep talk before he left, but like usual, he wanted something for nothing...not that I want anything from him, but I don't appreciate being used to boost someone's confidence, especially when they don't deserve that kind of attention from me. I don't know why I thought of all of this, but the pseudonym thing popped in my head while I was on the bus just a few minutes ago.

I sold a CD on Ebay for $20. I only paid $5 for it. Score.

Moving backward to move forward.

I'm feeling weary and domestic. I think I'm going to go make some bread.

Missmissmisssmissmissmiss. :/

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