Dec. 19th, 2002

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So I wanted to draw tonight.
Another reason to move home. I've lost my drive. I've lost my ambition. Life got in the way and I felt too beat down to persue anything I formerly thought would be my lot in life.
So I got out my pencils, and instead, started toying around with Photoshop. Sign O' The Times?
No. Just me, not wanting to find out I can't draw anymore. Possibly a fear, possibly laziness.
So there are about 4 versions of this product of distraction. I'm not happy with any of them, but I'll show you two. Bear in mind, Webshots fucks up the image quality and I have minimal knowledge of Photoshop. Set the view to Normal and it helps a little. I'm sure some of the words look darker, worse, on different monitors...Tomorrow night, I'll link these properly...maybe.

creepy religious window #1

creepy religious window #2

There is an earlier version and a version with all of the text...but like I said, I'm not even really happy with these. Just sort of "neat", I guess. I started out with an old photo of a nun I found at a flea market. I'll post those photos someday. Someday...someday...someday. Come one, come all...

I received my license back in the mail today.
It doesn't even look like me anymore.

If I lie down, I'll feel worse.
But I should sleep, because my body hurts.
Aaathanka yoooou...*bows*

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I've been thinking.

That is all.

*much waving of hands in dismissal*

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