Dec. 28th, 2002

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I am so tired. But I wanted to finish this.
Okay, so let me explain a bit about myself first. I can be arrogant, yes, it's true...but GENERALLY, not about my appearance. I am often prone to bouts of low self-esteem. So I took some pictures the other night to not only show to MYSELF that I'm fairly attractive, but more so as an reminder of how it feels to take good shots. I don't exactly have a plethora of models roaming around and I'm also a bit of a control freak, hence the many pictures I've taken of myself.

Now I know how it would look, to the outside eye. I must really love myself to take all of these pictures of myself. No. That's not the case. Some of you already know what I'm talking about. I'm VERY objective about my photos and these are only a few, the rest were scraped. I love my digital camera. :) I feel like I'm cheating sometimes, but I do love it so. I need a nice SLR as well. Someday.

Anyway, here's some crap. My favorite is the first one.

Also, here are two new shots of the BooMonster.

Boo Sepia 1

Boo Sepia 2

This is more about the photography. If you're going to compliment, make it about that or something. If you think I'm ugly though, that's cool. You can say that. In essense, no gushing...see, now that looks like I'm assuming. Ah, fuck know what I mean. *squirms and makes a face* Oh whatever, think what you want. ;p

God I hate Webshots. These looked so much better when I was playing with them in Photoshop.

p.s. There were, are, more full body shots...but they're more...risqué. Chances are, you're not the one who's going to see them. :D HAHAHA! (just pretend like you wanted to, okay. ;) Yeah, that's another reason for the pics. I've lost weight. I feel better about myself, damnit.
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I swear to holy fucking christ that I'm going to bed. I am.

But I might as well link these also. These, starting after the stuff with me in it, are some old photos I bought at a flea market type thing last year in Hollywood. Yes, it's Vincent Price, man! :) I have quite a few more of these, but these were the coolest. I only manipulated the dance one really, the rest I messed with bright/contrast and fixed the smudges/scratches.

That night shift has my sleep schedule all out of whack.

Journal layout/colors get changed tomorrow.


Dec. 28th, 2002 01:45 pm
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Has no one heard of fucking E-MAIL?
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I unceremoniously passed 1,000 entries.

*throws confetti*

Here's to being bored and updating way too much.

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