Feb. 14th, 2002

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For your Valentine's Day enjoyment...

What in the hell is he HOLDING?! XD

(this little treasure was found at a San Francisco Japanese discount store)
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I just paid $50 for one paperback book. Why is learning so expensive?

This leads me to show you my notes from my writing workshop:
"I take writing/English classes as a punishment.
You are all idiots.

Fuck the reader. I don't write for my constituency. I don't pander. I write what I need, what I feel. By sheer magnitude, I will be on the same wavelength as at least one other person. I write for that one other person, but to please no one but myself. Fuck. The. Reader.

We shouldn't have to trick people into feeling. We shouldn't have to slip them an emotional mickey. What's wrong w/ an angry/sad/heart-ripped-out slap in the face. All of my shirts have hearts on their sleeves and I wear them every day.

You're all horrible, you just don't know it yet.

You're all full of shit.

Gee, thanks for pointing that ou Capt. Obvious.

A good writer doesn't need something fantastically interesting. A good writer should be able to make the most mundane fantastically interesting."

Yeah, it would probably help if you saw what all of that was in response to...but there was too much b.s. to write down. I hate it, but I love it. I'm arrogant and I don't give a shit. This teacher is all about writing "for the reader" and I'm going to tell him to fuck off. XD I made a few comments in class, but for the most part, my responses were written down. It's amazing how different people are, but yet so similar. We discussed two of James Joyce's (love him, love Dubliner's, it reminds me of Topeka) short stories ("A Painful Case" and "A Little Cloud") and I felt the EXACT opposite as the prof and the rest of the class. He also spouted some bullshit about how fiction makes society better because it points out our flaws and negative aspects. I agree, to a minute point. For the most part, people won't see the flaws in themselves, not unless you're fantastically open-minded. For the most part, people will read something and think, "Oh my, I know someone just like that.", never thinking that they do the same thing. I know because I'm not an exception. At this point, I'm just rambling angrily...but I really do love this. It's lights the proverbial fire under my arse. Assholes. XD

As for APE, I had a great time. I think I had more fun just hanging out with some cool people in the hotel room and around the city. I got a signed Bleu from Blue Monday print and Chynna wrote on it that my hair is ace. :) I also had Shannon Wheeler sign one of our hotel coffee bags. Hee. I didn't have a lot of money, but I did pick up something I hadn't read before, "Quicken Forbidden". It looks spiffy. I also got the new "Lenore" and "Skelebunnies Spanktacular". We stopped at a comic shop about an hour outside of SF (yes, we ARE geeks) and they had an amazing selection of trading cards. I picked up 7 packs of Garbage Pail Kids (I think I have about 100 stored somewhere), some Nightmare Before Christmas cards, 2 packages of The Maxx cards (they are very cool. One is by Evan Dorkin and another is by Terry Moore. :) Also got one pack of Battlestar Galactica cards and some Monty Python and the Holy Grail cards. They have trading cards for everything. I'm going to put out a Toilets of the World deck I think. Pff. (Also bought "Delicatessen" on VHS for $8, a couple CD's, a new collar, some argyle-print tights, and a spiffy plastic ninja sword. Word.) I don't know why what I bought is important...it's not really. For the most part, I just took a lot of pictures. I'll have those up this weekend, I hope.

I apologize for the rambling idiocy of this post.
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There's a V-day message for you all on my message board.

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