May. 11th, 2002

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It's ODD driving home COMPLETELY sober after going to a clubby-club.
Clockwork Orange is not as cool as I remember it. Although, the last 30 minutes when I finally gave up on the "Gothic" room and went into the main 80's room, was faba-lus. FABA-LUS. I love me some 80's, dawg. And I think I looked kinda cute, so that's good. The more weight I lose, the more I feel like me's nice, not fast enough...but nice.

SHOCKING NEWS: I spent too much money at Amoeba. I so freakin' love Amoeba. Hey, did I mention that I really love Amoeba? Here's the booty:

Critical Mass 2 (compilation) $2 (and really fucking excellent, really.)
Rarewerks (Astralwerks compilation) $2
Perry Farrell: Song Yet To Be Sung $5
Apoptygma Berserk: Kathy's Song (single) $6
Morrissey: My Early Burglary Years $10
Sunny Day Real Estate: The Rising Tide $7
Abandoned Pools: Humanistic $5
Astralwerks Sampler $2

And I put back SO much, didn't even look at some sections, and in all the times I've been to Amoeba STILL haven't gone upstairs...because I fear it's money-absorbing power.
I need a 2nd job at Amoeba...but I'd just end up spending my paycheck there.
Okay, I'll shutup about that now.

Tonight was good. :) I like hanging with tha Loco and the Zooley. We went to a pretty schweet Japanese place called Yoshi's Shabu Shabu. I had never had Shabu Shabu before and it was mighty tasty...not to mention the nifty-ass novelty of preparing your own food. I love mixing stuff. I love ritualistic eating. :) I love ritualistic anything.
When I was wee, I loved my "Make Your Own Perfume" kit for that reason. Now I love making coffee, just to make coffee. Oh...and that whole pagan thing. ;)

I took some MPEG videos while we were at Shabu Shabu too...maybe I will figure out how to show them soon.

Also, my bad-ass co-worker/friend, Kristen, let me borrow 3 VHS tapes of "The Adventures of Pete and Pete". How sweet is that?! :D

P'raps I shall sleep now.
Spiderman tomorrow, then no more spendy.

p.s. I love my camera. Camera, I love you. xxoo If you had a penis (and/or a deft tongue!) and a good sense of humor, I would marry you.
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unavailable in more ways than one
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Can I PLEASE walk down the street without getting cat-called? It's not flattering, it's disgusting and belittling.

Otherwise, a nice long walk was had.

Now to burn some CD's and get ready to go to al's b-day BBQ bash.

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