Aug. 28th, 2002

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The Cabriolet

"We leave the party at two or three
You hitch a lift in my Cabriolet
And though it's misty I'm just too tired or too lazy to close the soft top
And I don't stop you when you curl your body, cold in your little black mini
And hold it against me

All night I've been flirting with everyone except you
How you explain my failure to find you as attractive as everyone else seems to I just don t know
But there's wind in our hair and drink in our systems
Breaking the ordinary inhibitions
And on the cassette some Louisiana Creole music
And you decide you want a cigarette
And though it only takes a second to demonstrate the gadget in the dash
I miss the black and white chevrons of the steep bend warning
And there's the sound of something smashing
Then nothing beneath the tyres of the Cabriolet...

In the sudden shock of silence, with the morning star above you
Lying bizarre in the wreck of my car . . .

Maybe I'm drunk or hallucinating
Maybe this isn't happening
Maybe you aren't lying there with tears in your little party dress
At the waist and the breast
Because in real life I was never this aroused by you
I was never this impressed
Your face unharmed, unstained but drained pale
Is suddenly more strange and beautiful than anything I've ever seen or ever will
Bathed in the light of the morning star I see someone
I never took the trouble to know, someone
I only now begin to feel I could love or make love to
I'm moved and aroused to see you in this strange new way
In the starlight filtering through the myriad fragments
Of the freshly shattered windscreen of the Cabriolet

In the sudden shock of silence, with the morning star above you
Lying bizarre in the wreck of my car
...I love you"

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Fucking Tiki God. Sorry, won't let me link it PROPERLY.

And with that...I think I'll go read and go to bed.
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mightily resisting the urge to "de-friend".

I'll put this here, rather than sullying someone's journal, but they'll know who it's about so no need to "name name's". I've never defriended someone strictly because they pissed me off...but I'm very close to it now. weehoo, Livejournal drama.

You're an arrogant fuck and an asshole in all the wrong ways. What makes YOUR problems bigger than mine or anyone elses? What makes your stress more stressful than mine, OR ANYONE ELSES? What makes your fucking blind opinions more knowledgable than mine? Oh, that's right....NOTHING.
I don't understand why you have to take a giant PISS on everything. If something doesn't jive with your limited world view, then it must be brought down, right? Why should I give you patience and understanding when I don't get respect and understanding in the first place? Oh that's right, because my life is fucking peaches and cream at the moment.

What are YOU doing to better the world around you? Just because you don't agree with my way of doing it, even going so far as to belittle it. Do you know what you speak of? Or did you just read it in the fucking paper? I've worked with Greenpeace. I've seen their flaws, but IN MY GODDAMNED OPINION, the good outweighs the bad. And don't compare them to PETA thank you very much. Lump, assume, write off, dismiss, these are the things I hate.

I'm so pissed I feel sick.
fucking ulcer.
If anyone seems to think I shouldn't get so upset about such things, can fuck off as well
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meh, it's about me, so I figure I can re-direct if I want. That way, you can comment here rather than getting "in the middle" of it....whatever it is.

I'm going to go walk to the grocery store now.

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