Sep. 1st, 2002

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This was nice to walk into as I was going to work today. I thought I was heading into a shoot out what with all of the scattered police cars, yellow tape, and news vans...not to mention a lone bus in the middle of the road and some covered up bodies.

I'm so nice. snip snip. )
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Oh what the hell. Might as well get these jumping beans out of my head.

--Someone on my friend's list, I think it was [ profile] aluminumdreams, sparked this memory.
It was the 2nd trip to New Orleans, the failed re-creation of the first. I was much cooler then and my friends and I were walking around Bourbon street looking for our next victim (read: bar). I feel it's necessary to tell you what I was wearing because like I said, I was cooler then. I had on a long black slip, fishnets, boots(I think), a vinyl corset, a black, leather O-Ring collar and a fishnet shirt underneath. My hair was short at the time, I mean short, little longer than pixie-cut. It was dark brown/black underneath, but I thought it would be bitchin' to spray silver on it. I looked quite spooky/dead. This was also the night that my friend Tabitha and I were interviewed for some teevee show as the crew roamed Bourbon street. (The show never aired, but by some weird chance(another story) I did get a copy of our episode(they didn't put my bit in, probably because everyone they DID put in was an idiot or literally crazy, hence the title of the show: "America: What You Believe"). ANYWAY, the point is, we were walking towards Canal on Bourbon and I spotted this really cute, business-type(he was wearing a suit) guy with little wire-rimmed glasses coming toward us. I dig some "normal" looking guys. Maybe I have it in my head that there is probably more kink there than an obvious specimen. Maybe I just want to corrupt them. Maybe I just enjoy the contrast. So this cute, little, "norm" comes our way, walking with his friends (what appeared to be a bachelor party) and we both lock eyes and ignore the rest of our groups. I seriously don't remember what anyone was saying to me at that point. All I remember is that as he was walking by he made a move to reach out and talk to me, and I him, but our friends pulled us away. Tabitha hurrying me along because I had a boyfriend back home, and his friends herded him away, for what I can only assume, the same reason. But we both turned around and looked at each other as we were being carted off, smiling the entire time.
So yeah...that one moment is probably the best I could have hoped for from him and maybe it's better this way...I'm pretty sure it is. But I do think of it every so often.

I forgot the other thing I was going to ramble about. So, count your lucky stars baby.

J'ai besoin de vrai octobre.
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Book Recommendations for 9/1/02

--New Ray Bradbury
--Finally! Soooo happy.
--This might be interesting only to Angelenos. I love all of her work, especially Depth Takes A Holiday.
--I recommended this before, but it was very good.
--One of the BEST travel guides/maps I have seen in awhile. I'm a sucker for compasses.
--Clive Barker is going to be signing at our store. The next day, so is Carol Channing. I find this amusing.
--Travel AND Erotica! nice!
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Smarmfarmer: "Hi, who's this?"
Me: "This is Jill."(thinking it's a client)
Smarmfarmer: "Oh, is Dru (alias one of our cust. serv. reps uses) there?"
Me: "Do you mean Dru in customer service or another Drew, we have a couple."(further adding to my delusion that it's a client as our other Drew is a web developer)
Smarmfarmer: "The girl."
Me: "No, she's not working today."(now seeing the forest for the trees)
Smarmfarmer: "Well who's this."
Me: "uh, Jill."
Smarmfarmer: "Ohmygod, you sound gorgeous."
Me:*wince* "Is there anything I can help you with?"
Smarmfarmer:"Uh, no...I just called to talk to Dru."
Me:"Okay." *CLICK*

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[ profile] photicdriver! The Screamapillar episode of The Simpsons is on!

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